Pilates Industry Questions<br>Deborah Lessen<br>Discussion 3252

Pilates Industry Questions
Deborah Lessen
Discussion 3252

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Thank you Anula and Deborah. This has been the crux of my thoughts for the last two years, and it's about time we talk about all of this. There is so much more to discuss and I hope we continue down this exact road.
Right now for me, this was better than an actual class. Love you both.
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This was a very informative conversation! I really enjoyed it. Thank you.
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This was AMAZING. I am a teacher in training and even though I've only been teaching for 7 months, I already feel like i'm experiencing this "identity crisis" in which method or style I "should" be teaching. This just reinforces to allow myself to be me and do the best I can!
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Fantastic! Thank you so much, Anula and Deborah!
Amy S
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Bravo! I hope many will view this discussion. I believe it also is about one's "identity" - when one's identity is challenged , then you will have push back, even if the means to the end is peace for all.
Deborah L
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As someone who’s first career was as a classical orchestral musician, I’ve lived through this discussion before- the lineage through William Kincaid (the Joseph Pilates of American flutists), classical vs. jazz, etc. Can’t we just get along and love the Method? It’s what Joe (said he) wanted! Thank you for opening this dialog on PA.
Patricia Oehrlein
Loved this. The takeaway: it’s all good! Thanks for sharing. I think you both should be a regular feature.
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Great and informative discussion
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Thank you ladies, loved you discussion. Very insightful. As a pilates teacher is a treat, it would also be such a treat to be able to get to Deborah’s Studio and lean from her. A total dream for me.
Reiner G
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Wow. That was incredible. So many gems of thoughts. Thank you both so much.
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