Pilates Industry Questions<br>Deborah Lessen<br>Discussion 3252

Pilates Industry Questions
Deborah Lessen
Discussion 3252

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Sherri Betz
Brilliant interview on both sides! Thank you, Anula, for bringing Deborah's wisdom to everyone.
Thank you Pilates Anytime for making this happen. I think living so far away from New York can magnify some of the things brought up in terms of a divide. Much love to Deborah Lessen and Anula Maiberg for going there!
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Thanks Anula for asking the hard questions, and calling out the 'situations' and Deborah, not only do I love your springs, but I LOVE your responses here. Teaching Bodies, that's our profession!!
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Thank you both so much for this! Anula, particularly loved your quote (which i might just have to steal)... "we're all just trying to make people feel better"
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Thank you both for this interview. I love the whole idea of why can't it be an interesting discussion/exchange of ideas rather than a combative one when talking about differences in the way we teach the method. Love how you ask the questions so many of us have on our minds Anula (but never thought we could ask?).

Thank you Pilates Anytime for making this interview possible.
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Inspiring thoughts discussion & creativity
Great discussion!
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Thank you! Love you both and I love this talk! Anula, could you please make more interviews like this? ❤️
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Thank you both for your wonderful opinions and insights. I found myself alternating between agreeing and disagreeing with a variety of the points made during this interview but I thoroughly enjoyed the discussion and am grateful that we as an industry are starting to address these sensitive subjects with more directness and respectfulness. Well done!
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Thank you Anula and Deborah, for continuing to deepen a very important conversation that many of us are having in our community. How can we appreciate the diverse approaches to Pilates, without losing the essence of Return to Life. Deborah, I was touched by your reference to the trademark cancellation and original role delineation for the PMA Exam that I was honored to participate in with you. I remember how powerful it was to be in that first weekend , establishing the basis for the PMA Exam, where each of us had created diverse, respected Pilates teacher training programs, and how the focus was immediately on working together to achieve a greater result…rather than focus on our differences. Thank you both for your honesty and passion, xwendy
I enjoyed this discussion watching and listening behind the cameras, but hearing it all again while not working, allowed me to hear much more of the nuance in the questions and the answers. Thank you both! Maybe we can do it again in the Spring with you two?
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