Day 2: Efficiency<br>Monica Wilson<br>Class 3284

Day 2: Efficiency
Monica Wilson
Class 3284

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So good to be efficient. Loving the workouts, thank you.
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To Lori,
I think Kevin Bowen uses the magic cercle for tree on the reformer in one of his videos. Maybe this could be helpful?
And Monica, I love this challenge!! Using the whole studio... or be creative to replace the apparatus I don't have is so much fun and such a rich experience!! THANKS!!!
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Nice session . I do like the pace but I got a little hasty because I did´t know what was coming and I have a balanced body reformer, so some things are different.. Short box was to fast for me,... I was always behind.. One question for short box: I have quite long legs and my feet are usually still on the frame , (being under the loop )when I want to sit at the front or middle of the box. I would have to move out with the carriage, I guess. But that takes time!! Maybe you have something to say to that? thank you!
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The only piece of equipment I don’t have at home is the pedi pole, but I’ve got a solution/modification for others without one. Attach your yellow arm springs at top of tower/trapeze bar where you would attach push through bar spring(s), stand in reformer well in relevé and execute exercise Monica is cueing.
Monica Wilson
Hi Silke! I put the carriage in 2nd gear on the Gratz Reformer for my taller clients. This is probably what you do as well so your feet are not pressing onto the frame but I am not sure how long this takes on a Balanced Body Reformer? I have noticed I can easily start over analyzing my movements and working on absolutely every detail of every exercise if I let myself. Next thing I know, it's taken me half hour to do only 10 exercises. I miss out on the endorphin rush and possibly more importantly, the healing benefits of fluid movement. Pilates should be practiced with minimum of movement to achieve the best results.
Monica Wilson
Comment Cont'd: Romana always had us work from one end of the reformer to the other. Depending on the exercise, we would start at either the Foot Bar end or the Leg Strap end and quickly review and adjust the Reformer settings/pads as we got to the opposite end. This execution allowed us to move swiftly and be in position to start the next exercise in a fraction of the time. I know when I work on it, I can shave 20 minutes off of my advanced system! If I don't push myself, it can easily take me over an hour when it should be 45 minutes. If you can figure out the best plan for you to execute your workout with minimum of motion, you will have a heart pounding complete workout that meets all your cardio, strength and stretching needs. Hope that helps! Monica:)
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What is a suggested substitute for folks that don't have a reformer
Monica Wilson
Hi Josephine, This 30-Day Challenge uses various apparatuses to enliven and trigger your powerhouse and muscles to reach your goal of getting back to your A game. The apparatuses are extremely helpful as they offer support as you get stronger. Advanced, flexible and completely in tune students can do the entire reformer on the mat. You can absolutely give it a go! Otherwise, this challenge is composed of about 1/3 mat classes that you can jump ahead to? Hope this helps, Monica:)
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thank you I also love the classical work. I fell on my tailbone 3 weeks ago snowboarding so I have avoided classical as its very tender to do roll ups etc at the moment
Monica Wilson
Hi Amba, when rehabilitating I started with pre-Pilates exercises, then basic exercises mainly on my back or wall exercises, followed by basic with some sitting. I don’t think I could roll through my tailbone until week 6 or 8. I had to be extremely disciplined as I had to move so slowly I was bored to tears. I knew though that if I just took 6-8 weeks off, I would recover that much slower. Having been an instructor for over 20 years, and 3 children later, I have rehabbed myself many times and have great body/muscle awareness. This might not be the process for everyone though. You know your body best! Hope this help:) Monica
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