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Staying Creative
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Tutorial 3290

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So well thought out and expressed Carrie, thank you!
Thank you, many useful tips, mostly for me keeping it fresh is a big one, for myself, which I think keeps it fresh for the clients . I was in one of those moments when I found you on PA and was so inspired by your combinations. The same classical exercises but once combined becomes something new. There is always something to learn in Pilates, I know I have ALOT to learn and am very grateful for PilatesAnytime which gives us an opportunity to "meet and work with" (virtually) so many wonderful teachers like yourself and discover the vast variety of ways to apply the Pilates method. You are an inspiration and I hope we see more of you on PA. Thank you
Thank you so much for your advice. Really helpful and so inspiring!
Great tips! It was very important to hear those tips! Thank you!
This is really helpful. It gets onto the "nuts and bolts" of teaching. I've fallen into many of the pitfalls of teaching . It helps to regroup, become the student, and listen to good advice. I want to be a good teacher. I dont want to teach so much that alot of important things get lost in the shuffle. Thank you Carrie, this helped.
Thank you so much! I related to so much that you spoke about and your tips were very helpful. I took lots of notes :)
Thanks very much [Carrie, this has been very helpful - working for myself on my own as I do can sometimes feel a little isolated - one of the lovely things about Pilates Anytime is the feeling of community and the support that goes with that.
Thank you Carrie! Well done -- so many helpful tips. The best is the importance of self-practice. We can't get so busy that we don't have time to do what we love. Just moved to Wilmington and am coming to check out your studio. Hope to see more of you on PA!
Thank you so much for this tutorial, Carrie! You are so genuine and sweet - it really comes through :) Your tips were spot on - I can so much relate to seeing things on Insta that I thought would be great - trying them "in my own body" and realizing that it needed to be "tweaked" to make it work for my classes. Your advice is so helpful. Thank you and hope to see you sometime soon.
Thank you so much for your tutorial-so timely. I really sincerely hope that you will
Consider preparing and doing more. I’d love a little more assist on working w difficult clients or the ones that want to talk a lot. Or after many years same clients the relationship can get a little gray...client crossed w friend etc...mostly their choice. Hope that makes sense...anyways great!!!!! I am goi g to apply a few...20 year seasoned trainer.
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