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In addition to Brett just generally being awesome, what a beautiful studio!
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Great! Especially when Brett showed how his booking system works. I always find those hints very useful. At the end it should work and should be effective. I would appreciate another tutorial about the business side : how do new clients sign up, what are the requirements, 1st session, how do they need to commit, how do you handle cancellations...he spoke about memorizing the exercises - how do other teachers do it? What is effective and what works best? He also spoke about the satisfaction of the teachers . Do the teachers get paid more if there classes are fuller or if they recruit clients? Is it best to pay according to experience of the teacher or commitment? Thanks in advance!
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Very useful, very interesting. A nice place to work as a teacher and as a client. I like his point of view concerning the reformer classes. Thank you:)
Beautiful space! Loved hearing you talk about group reformer classes. Very early on in my Pilates career I taught group reformer for a very short time and it was very frustrating to me. Something I don’t care to do. And... OMG I love your tracking system! Very similar to mine and Yep, it works! Thank you this was really fun to watch.
Thank you for sharing! Would love to see more of these!
Beautiful, bright, clean, organized studio Brett. I also use the card system and a manual calendar. I am on "that" booking system, but I am considering canceling it, because the "old fashioned" system works for me (and the monthly rate just went up, again!). Thank you for sharing your space with all of us.
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Thanks for your comment about reformer classes. I agree! Love your emphasis on creating a positive culture for clients and staff! So important.
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