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Brett Howard
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Really love these studio tours - thank you Brett for sharing. Very interesting to see and hear how the studio is run.
Great insights and working culture also. Pilates attracts such positive people:))
Wow! Thanks for taking me with you! Its such a treat!
Thank you so much !!! it is so helpful to see how other studios function in other places, please more of those ))
And thank you Brett for letting us discover your Haus !
As a student teacher I was doing group reformer classes at a studio that could only dream to be as progressive as this one. Safe to say it traumatized me.
So refreshing to see a studio so happening! Well thought out, with genuine care for all involved. I love it. And I'm not going to lie, seeing your scheduling system was so soothing. I hope to visit someday!
Amazing thank you for sharing. I too have system like this in the U.K., I found it easier to track clients and keep it more personal rather than trying to just fill class. I do run small Reformer as well as Mat classes and 121 and 221 and we are very busy. I wouldn’t be happy teaching larger Reformers personally. 🙏
Wish I could take a tower class there, have always loved tower work!
Calm, positive, informative tour and as usual with Brett- lots of laughs. I really love the colours of this studio- the order reflects his personality and the space reflects Brett's generous way of sharing his knowledge.
I have seen that box tracking system at so many studios before mindbody came about :)
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