The Effect of Adhesions
Jennifer Golden
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Excellent tutorial! I’m so thankful for all of the fascia work on this site!
You specifically addressed some issues I have been having in my hips from rheumatoid arthritis. I also tore a calf muscle last year and have been slowly rehabbing that with gentle stretching and foam rolling. Although a slow process, it has been coming along with these exact principles. I’m wondering if you can describe a way to do this for the lower back (my husband’s issue.)

Most importantly, I send you my best wishes for your full return to health. It takes a very special person to want to help others in their pain while you are going through such pain yourself and you do it with a wonderful positive outlook! I thank you for it. Best wishes.
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Merci beaucoup pour ce tutoriel. C’est ne pas un sujet simple à expliquer. J’ai trois clientes qui ont souffert d’ablations du sein suite à un cancer et toute information qui puisse nous aider comme professeur est la bienvenue.
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Jennifer, I'm a Pilates teacher but also a daily practitioner who has spent the last 18 months rehabbing a total knee replacement (which was a revision of a botched surgery). This video was so helpful and really made me think about the body, rehab, physical therapy and body work differently. Thank you so much for sharing what you learned with us!
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Thoughtful applause for Jennifer and all Pilates teachers for their intellectual curiosity to explore movement.
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Beautiful, brilliant! I love learning from you, Jen! Your curiosity is contagious. Thank you for this elegant distillation of some complex anatomy and for sharing from your own experience to inspire and help others. I am thinking about resilience, recoil, and how you are absolutely a wonder woman! Salaams!
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Thank you so much for sharing - truly inspirational on all levels! Positive thoughts for you x
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Jennifer, you are such an inspiration! And you are beautiful, courageous, and such great teacher! Thank you for this tutorial!!
I tried your abdominal - ball- and -stretch work and it felt great. I do get the gliding idea being familiar to the fascia research. How would you then apply this to a knee- surgery, or a shoulder injury?
I would love to hear more on this topic!
But most important: I wish you all the best, - all the healing-energy you need to overcome this illness! It is visible that you have the positive vibes that are so helpful in this process!
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Jen - I already one person in mind that those exercises will totally work for! Great tutorial!
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Thank you, Jen, for the technical language and perspective for similar work I am currently exploring with a client that has adhesions and chronic pain in the glute med, iliac crest area. We’ve been working on a gliding release with the periformis stretch with one knee on a floor mat and opp leg on the Reformer, 1 hand on the bar and 1 on the far shoulder rest. When the hip can relax the arms can assist in gentle gliding.
For the stretch to be more permanent though, doesn’t it need load?
Silke Thank you so much for you kind words and healing wishes. I'd love to address your question on applying this concept to joint injuries or surgeries.
If you consider what I attempted to demo with the book, we can search for areas away from the direct concern to see how adhesions may have formed elsewhere. For example with the shoulder, I would look along the chest, upper back, and lateral rib area for "sticky spots" and use a similar technique in those regions. In my experience, when they can get better glide in those regions, it is easier to then proceed to focusing on improving the mobility and organization of the joint itself.
Hope that helps inspire some exploration!
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