Hamstrings For Ease & Grace
Niedra Gabriel
Class 3454

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Wonderful. Thank you so much Nidra! Glad to see you again. I did a workshop with you in Costa Rica some years ago and loved all your techniques!
T H A N K S!
Thank you Lori M and Vicki I am thrilled that you are getting so much relief from this work. It is very gratifying to be reading this. Keep up the challenge, I sincerely hope it changes everything.
Carolina and Raquel , thank you for your comments. Carolina, how lovely to meet up again, we must have met at equilibria in San Jose. I will be back In Costa Rica in April 2019 ( hosting a yoga retreat every year) and will probably be teaching at Equilibria again. Enjoy this challenge.
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I tried this sitting on a chair with elderly clients in mind. It was brilliant. Thanks
Great for the legs but bending over to long really hurt my lower back :(
Niedra, I always love your self-care focus. Like Vicki, I had some tears come up when releasing the high hamstring area.
If you have time to answer a question...I also found the standing bend uncomfortable. I kept have to re-position my feet in order to keep the ball taught between my legs. And I didn't feel any freedom or release. Perhaps I'm tight somewhere else? I know I have really tight shoulders. My hamstrings, though, are loose enough for me to touch the floor with straight knees.
I guess a little more instruction on the standing portion would help me! Thanks again:)
Thank you Pieta, Ashley and Martha "Mars" Hart for your comments. To answer both Ashley and Martha, If the bending over is hurting your back you have holding patterns either in your back, or elsewhere ( the body is one linked system) so I hope, as you progress through the challenge you will find where you have locks and start shifting them.
The trick with the bending over is to keep checking if you are aligned with your ankles, knees and thighs , so all your leg structures are facing forward. You are probably rotating out or in somewhere to avoid length. Or you may be over locking your knees back, or under extending the back of your knees. Also check foot weight distribution, to make sure you are not taking weight too much on the outside or inside of your feet. Think length in the back of legs and back.
Of course it is always possible this is not "your place" to release and the big changes are in other parts of your body - so "count your blessings ."
I hope this helps.
One other thought about bending over: you must focus on bending from the hip sockets - NOT the lower back. If you are NOT hinging from the hip sockets and your back or spots is tight you will feel it there, so better to half hinge and focus on the legs lengthening. Hope this helps
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