Lower & Upper Back
Niedra Gabriel
Class 3455

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Awesome :)
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Before and after was a very big difference. Not usually an area I have too much trouble with so I neglect to work on fascia in my back. Not anymore! Particularly loved the lower back and neck work. Love this challenge more than I can articulate!
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I enjoyed the latter part of the class but sorry to say not the beginning, I actually found working on one side of the body uncomfortable. Niedra is a wonderful teacher
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Just a qustion. Do you think this would be safe for osteoporosis? I personally love these classes. The fascia tends to be ignored yet is so important. Thank you Niedra.
Thank you Ewa Lori, Sharon and Brenda, I am thrilled to be reading your comments. Sharon, if one side was painful, there is a lot of imbalance in your body and working on the uncomfortable side more often should ease it up and help you regain stability and evenness.
Brenda - it will depend on how severe the osteoporosis is, but I would assume, if the person is exercising they can take some pressure with soft balls, and the work will help stimulate the bones and help encourage more cellular activity of a constructive nature. Keep the intensity low by deflating and working with the larger balls.
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After the second day I am finding I have definitely neglected myself. I had tension on the left side that I didn't even know was there. What a wonderful release! Thank you, thank you.
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Goodness this is amazing. Thank you thank you🌺
Thank you Vicki and Lani for your comments. I am thrilled to know that you re enjoying this challenge.
yes. really helped. wasn't sure at first, but I trusted myself and it worked. thanks for your great help and comments.
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very informative and it worked!
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