Lower & Upper Back
Niedra Gabriel
Class 3455

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Great class! Thank you!
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What a lovely feeling of freedom for the spine...roll on tomorrow.... thanks Niedra.
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It's pretty amazing how hips and ribs are connected. I like the idea of pre and posttest. I can definitely feel my back ribs on the floor at the end. Thank you.
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Loved the session but I have a very tight thoracic and my neck is triggered in that rollback held position. Could I do against the wall standing?
Paula everything with this work is open to adjustments, so yes, you can use the wall as an alternative way to do the work. You can also work with smaller balls against the wall (yoga tuneup balls) which may help relax your thoracic spine and restore some motion there. I wish you success.
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wonderful release after a day at my computer. Especially loved the upper trapezius massage/stretch!
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Wow, that was amazing!! So liberating for the whole back of the body. Thank you so much! 💜
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I feel like I grew up, my spine feels longer and I can articulate better! Amazing :)
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thanks, Niedra Gabriel ! I am revisiting this class (and others of the series) for the second time and i am pretty sure that i will go back to it again and again. It is such a difference to the first time - the reward of this work is so much more clear when repeated - i found i definitively accessed deeper layers! As to the neck part i have a question: when i apply pressure in the c7 region i very quickly come to a point where a pharyngeal reflex sets in. I am not really worried about it and i just carefully dose the pressure to an amount that seems tolerable. I would just like to understand what the reason for that could be...
Hi Jenny , thank you for your post and question: good one! Good for you to moderate for your own body. I don't really know why you have this response, my thought is that you have tightness in the shoulder girdle area and ribs that are still tight and this means they do not move when you are working on the neck the way you are - something has to give and in your case, it is the reflex contracting. This is why this work keeps going deeper as you are unravelling more layers, the body re organizing in new ways. You may find this reaction diminishes as you change. I hope this helps?
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