Psoas & Stomach
Niedra Gabriel
Class 3460

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Thank you Jaime you're comment makes me smile....
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Trank You Niedra!
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That was AWESOME!!! Felt a lot of tension release and then a heat surge, lots more work to be done, but loving this series. Thank you for bringing this together!
Hilary I am thrilled for you!
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Oh My Goodness! My hips and psoas feel so amazing and so open. Thank you Niedra!
Wonderful! Move,
Lovely. Definately needed this. My osteopath worked toward my psoas once and I nearly hit the ceiling it was so tight! I tended to have a swayback posture (and doing loads of PIlates), and anxiety so the tight abdominals there made sense. Quick clarification please - when you are on your stomach and have the ball against your pubic bone/just above and say tuck the tailbone (presume posterior tilt) does this not tighten (shorten) the muscle further or is that just so that you can 'hook the ball' so to speak?! Many thanks! Sarahx
Oww, that was lovely, thank you!
This was the first time I could push up my upper body with straight arms! These exercises really work wonderful with my body!
Hi Niedra..this felt great psoas is not tigtht but my last ribs don’t touch the lower thoracic is flat tho..any suggestions .

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