Release Facial Tension<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 3463

Release Facial Tension
Niedra Gabriel
Class 3463

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Niedra Gabriel
Rina S Yes, you could do this work daily.  keep a ball by your bed and release some of the tension before you get out of bed.  If done daily you may find the pattern starts to soften the grip it has.  Let me know how you do. 
Emily  M
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This is a hidden gem , Niedra! I was complaining that my ears felt clogged this morning and the work around the sinus area opened them right up!
Niedra Gabriel
Emily M so cool to read your comment Emily.
Oa F
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Thank you Niedra Gabriel  great explanations and had a powerful memory released around my lower right jaw. 
Niedra Gabriel
Oa F  this is awesome. When the memory as well as the muscle tension release it is profound !
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