Mat for Scapular Awareness
Cara Reeser
Class 3478

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Great class! It is one of my favourites now! Very informative and really amazing how much you can get only by keeping scapulas stable. Also excellent teacher; she makes you do such a hard work without even realising. Thank you, Cara!
I loved this class and I love YOU!
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Meredith Rogers love you more, and you look so great in this class!
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Magnificent! Full of wonderful cues and exercises. We all need to get friendly with our blades. This will be terrific for my teaching and practice. Thank you, Cara!
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loved it!! Thanks for making it fun
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Great class and really got me focused on my scapular alignment mor than just my shoulders.....made such a differ nice on the single leg circles but struggled to feel that on the rollover...any advice?
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Since watching this video, I have become obsessed with blade mobility and stability. Here are some of the comments I have gotten from students:
My neck feels twice as long.
I love this work, my chest feels so open.
This feels amazing.
Thanks Cara.
Kerry I think it is always hard to feel the blades and where they are. In the roll over I try to avoid feeling weight on my neck and upper spine. The weight of the trunk should be on the blades. This is what I look for , less load on my neck. I hope this helps.
Just wonderful, Cara, thank you so much! I will take this into class and see if some lightbulbs turn on.. ;)
I would love to hear how you cue for the side-lying exercises, side plank or star.. thats where I usually lose my people who are afraid of pain in the shoulders..
Big hug!
Cara, this was an excellent way to demonstrate scapula stabilization! Thank you.
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