Mat for Dancers<br>Karen Clippinger<br>Class 3523

Mat for Dancers
Karen Clippinger
Class 3523

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Fantastic! Feels like I just left a ballet class! Thank you!
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Lovely flow- hard work but feels great. Thanks
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Love the variations for iliopsoas strength 🙏
Danielle B
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Wow, great workout for hip mobility:)
Brenda B
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Wonderful! Thank you!
Karen Clippinger
Hello Anselm, Caroline, Emily, Danielle and Brenda:
Thank you so much for your lovely comments. You all expressed my goals so well, that is of providing a workout that particularly challenged hip mobility and strength to aid with dance or help you feel like a dancer!
Helena B
Challenging but not exhausting. I feel upright, open, and tall after doing this! Thanks
Wow! That was amazing! I am not a dancer but I totally love these type of classes. It brings a totally new dimension to focusing on the hips which is serving my body very well. Thank you for such beautiful instruction Karen. Your years of experience are a gift to us all!
Fantastic. I feel great. Thank you!
Thank you. Due to injuries I can't do it all but did my best. Could you expand just a little on the feeling of finding/feeling the psoas - versus say the abs engaging?
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