Release and Strengthen Mat
Niedra Gabriel
Class 3545

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Kathleen , so glad you found some way to get into that old injury and I am sure you will find good changes happening from this. Please never "give up" there are always answers out there, the challenge is really turning the corner and enjoying the adventure ...
Really enjoyed this class. Love fascial release work incorporated into Pilates. I used some of this in my class this morning it was very useful and very amusing as everyone gained control of the tennis balls - some more successfully than others. Keep it coming Neidra. I've stripped the fascial release work back a little to cater for my Beginner/Foundation class tomorrow - think the cries of agony may be a little less until they get used to it. Thank you for opening my mind to parts of the body I haven't tried to release this way as yet, particularly the shins and groin area - really useful.
I love the screams of pain you described Jo , yes first time there is need to introduce this work so people receive it with joy. Finding the sweet spot is very important.
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I just love your classes Niedra!! Definitely doing this with my clients later today xx
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Excellent! Thank you Niedra Gabriel and Pilates Anytime, such needed work for all of us.
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I really loved this class Niedra Gabriel! Thank you for sharing your passion and expertise. I feel so good and plan on doing this often. Definitely one of my favourites and I love your teaching style!
Thank you Melissa , I am thrilled you found this challenge helpful.
Hip work and release was incredible! Hip flexor release wow! But the last segment on the calves, I could not get into the position due limited flexion limitation of my knee and pain with the pressure on my knee. i tried using a hand roller on anterior tibia. Any suggestions> Thank you Niedra I have been watching your classes for years! Love your teaching style and amazing knowledge!
Darlene, Thank you for your post, did you have knee surgery? which would limit your joint mobility? or is it simply tightness? it really depends on where the pain is, and what sort of pain, if it is not a sharp pain under the knee cap, which is dangerous, you can slowly move into more pressure to release the attachments so they are not holding your joint unusually tight. If you are still not sure email me directly at and we could set up a short skype lesson to sort this out.
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Is there a specific magic circle you recommend?
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