Athletic Connection<br>Karen Sanzo<br>Class 3572

Athletic Connection
Karen Sanzo
Class 3572

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LOVED it! Thanks for making the connections for me.
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No Collapsion! Can't wait to try these connections!
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Great! Nice variations on finding elongation and glut/ scapular work
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I loved the content and information but this almost seemed more like a tutorial than a traditional class.
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That was excellent.
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thank you for the tutorial nature. Also absolutely love the flexed and rotated sgl arm, curtsey ish move with the sgl high spring! thank you thank you!
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You are an AMAZING teacher! I love your work! Thank you!!
Beautiful!! like you alot, Karen!
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Karen thank you, valuable work. How do I feel less spinal extensors when working on lifting the shoulders when pushing ups the straps? Can’t wait for more!
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Very interesting, Karen, and some great exercises. Some I couldn´t do because I don´t have a tower.. The last one with the yellow springs from below I couldn´t do maybe because I am too tall? I am 5,6 (172cm)? But overall great thoughts to work on. thank you!
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