Cadillac Release<br>Joanne Bezzina<br>Class 3618

Cadillac Release
Joanne Bezzina
Class 3618

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Hi Joanne, what a wonderful series! And how special to have Amy to demonstrate. What an awesome team! I have a tight lower back and these movements are just the ticket. I so enjoy your cuing, flowing, fluid and full of imagery. Thank you!
Love this!
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That felt amazing . . . Thank You!
Melissa W
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Loved this and just what I needed today! xx
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Amazing, felt so good.
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Thanks for such beautiful work. I loved the new variations. It felt great. My spine feels lengthened.
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Perfect and effective cueing, in a very sweet and kind way, loved it, and i loved the clarity of work towards a precise goal, getting out the most of every single move. Awesome.
Thank you to everyone that has watched this class so far and for the lovely feedback. I really appreciate it xxx
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Can't wait to try it all tomorrow! Love your work Jo!!! Congratulation. Fernanda xx
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Thanks much for a well cued and carefully paced class. I especially liked the cuing on the lat pull.
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