Cadillac Release<br>Joanne Bezzina<br>Class 3618

Cadillac Release
Joanne Bezzina
Class 3618

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Beautiful work Jo 💖
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Love this! Thank You
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That was really wonderful! Only watching is not enough!! The truth in the intention comes into light by doing it with your cues and in your pace! Loved a lot - and learned new things about my body! Thank you!!
love this - my spine feels so happy after this! Thank you
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Feels good Jo!
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Wonderful video and I love your cueing!
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This was great Jo, thank you.
Looking forward to trying it with my Osteo & Pregnant clients!
Keryn E
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What a joy that was to watch!  The cueing was sensational.  Looking forward to trying some of these variations out!  
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Really great variations to use the push- through bar in different body positions. Can't wait to try this all with my clients!! Thanks a million Joanne. :)
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Loved your cuing, I look forward to checking out more of your videos
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