Theraband Flow
Joanne Bezzina
Class 3620

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Jo you are a Superstar ⭐️🌟.  yeah I finally found time to do this at home cause everyone is still asleep in our household. As always loved your class and fab creativity and flow with the band.  Go Polestar Australia.  Not bias at all ❤️
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great session!
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What a joy to find such fresh and articulate cuing, giving a new meaning to all the exercises!  Thank you so much!  Lovely!
Thank you so much Catherine, Nadine and Cynthia for these lovely comments. I am so glad that you enjoyed my class. I hope to teach more in the future. xox
This was a great class to help wake me up this morning! Juicy variations that helped unwind my spine after a night sleeping with my 7-year-old squishing me to the edge of my bed LOL... 

Great imagery, positive & inclusive language, and lovely intonations in your voice to help relax what should be relaxed and wake up those hibernating bits!

Thank You :)
Sarah K. Artha Negara  thank you for your lovely comment on my class. I'm so happy that this class gave you what you needed on this occasion. Happy new year!
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Great class, Joanna 
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Super Fun! Thank you
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A great class, and in particular for hips opening. Thank you, Jo. 
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