The Dance of the Clavicle!<br>Tom McCook<br>Tutorial 3627

The Dance of the Clavicle!
Tom McCook
Tutorial 3627

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This tutorial was everything I hoped it would be (and more) when you first mentioned it as a possibility to film Tom. I need it, many need it, and you deliver the information in a way that is so easy to translate for me. Thank you so much.
Thank you all so very much!! Great to hear from you Kristi knowing you have such a unique perspective on what serves best! I'm really pleased to share this valuable, practical lesson on embodiment of the clavicle and grateful for the opportunity!
Judith R
thank you so much , i have long ago time shoulder problems. This is a new approach on this underestimated area.
Clear explanation and as always a wealth of knowledge as to how to help
us and our clients move better. I need a pocket to keep an extra clavicle in!! .
Thank you Judith and Colleen!! I had shoulder surgery from a nasty fall a few years back and upped my appreciation of our amazing shoulder girdle design! Happy to hear you feel the benefits. An extra clavicle to have handy is a good idea!!
Gerri M
That was amazing and felt so good on my broken collarbones. I hiked the Pacific crest trail this summer and my backpack failed, leaving me with my acronium processes sticking out like two antlers on day 3 of the hike. This tutorial is good medicine and made an immediate difference in my body and how I can help my collar bones heal more completely. Thank you Tom... Loved finishing on the reformer, that was the best chest expansion ever. Happy 2019 and thanks for sharing all your great work
Becky C
Thank you for sharing this with us Tom. I love the new discoveries I make about my body every time I take a lesson with you.
Thank you for sharing Gerri and Becky! Great to hear you feel the benefits of combining a little more useful understanding to better embodying our amazingly well designed body! Wishing you a GREAT 2019!
Thank you very much for this as so many clients have tightness in their necks where if they start from their clavicles and release their pecs it automatically helps the tension dissipate! Great tutorial!
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Thank you Traci! You're so right, initiating from the clavicles is the special sauce to free the neck and shoulder girdle! Enjoy!!
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