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Sue Hitzmann
Class 3742

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Thank you so much for this!  I feel fabulous now and learned a lot.  I will have to watch again to try and absorb as much of the information as I can.
Love this! Thank you Sue. Feel amazing. Great to do after golf too! 
Jasmine R
Thank you!! I loved your descriptions and direction. It helped me visualise where I needed to be and at the same time, still staying focused. I feel great thank you again 🌸
Inga C
Perfect! Thanks Pilates Anytime for bringing Sue and the Melt Method to the website. I loved it and feel so much better! I will be doing this class again.
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I too felt the talking was too frantic. Made it seem overwhelming. She knows her stuff but slow down a bit. Felt I was on a race track.
Wow! I’ve been dying to make it to a melt class, so happy to see this on pilates anytime! Thank you melt method!!
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Was so excited to see this feature on PilatesAnytime.  I've had Sue's book a while and have been trying some of the techniques with clients but it was really good to work through them myself with a guide.  i must agree though with some of the comments here, it felt rushed and was a bit confusing to follow the cues at times.  i'll be trying it again for sure.
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I had to look up the word „frantic“ - and oh yes, that it was - way too fast talking, felt like being on the run. Well nobody has to be perfect - anyway I appreciate the MELT method, especially with the body scan assess, that makes the difference for me! Thank you Sue!
Edna T
What a wonderful addition to Pilates Anytime!
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I really like this but again.... too much talking and felt I wanted to turn off and few times but stuck with it but then ended up fast forwarding it to finish it quickly
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