Class 1: Breath
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 3808

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Loved this flow ....... teaching it tonight ....x
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Amazing, Sarah! This breathing flow helped me go from being mentally tired after work to feeling refreshed, and I slept like a baby afterwards! Also feeling the work in my muscles this morning despite the class seeming 'easy' - such is the miracle of Pilates! Brilliant concept and also a lovely reminder of the Pilates principles before starting my training with BASI soon
Nisha awesome to hear! Julia R Thanks for sharing.  Pilates is pretty amazing... LOVE! 
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I loved it; easy, effective and soft flow...thank you for the relief...
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wonderful! Ease and happiness in my body!

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Looking forward to the next 20 days! Also fun taking (playing)classes with you!
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I feel great, after taking this quick, refreshing and playful class. I love to just play around sometimes and being less 'perfect', just letting happened, what happens. Thank you Sarah!
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Aaaaaah Saraaaaah ! So you did hear my wish !!! Love those mini class series. Easy to fit into a tight schedule, or to double (like i just did) on lighter days. Thanks a lot :)))
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It was quick and great and very fit in my schedule teaching. Thank you Sarah Bertucelli . I stole the side lying idea for my class. Im looking forward to my next day.
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Really enjoyed this class Sarah Bertucelli  thank you!  Looking forward to the remaining days! 
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