Class 1: Breath
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 3808

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What a wonderful class! I did it first thing in the morning. A great start for a day! :)
YIPPEE!  Love that we are all committing to our Daily Dose!  

Maryam I am so happy to hear you used the side work in your class.  This is how we learn...experience ideas with other teachers and pass on. 
Thank you for this. Love the side lying variation - I always struggle to find ideas to vary the teaching in this position so this is a keeper:)
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I was feeling a little lazy this morning and wanted a quick, blow-off workout. This was NOT it! It was the challenge I needed. Good, full-body efficient workout!
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Loved this workout, breathing .....! Great, thank you!
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Thank you for this series -- can tell I'm going to love it already.  I was getting in a rut due to an injury, and having a hard time getting back into regular Pilates. Looking forward to this series.  BTW, your approach to rolling like a ball was a revelation!
Lisa V so happy you are enjoying the course! And that rolling like a ball added something knew to your practice. 
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I didn’t want this to end! 👏🏻
super  to hear Penny ! 
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