Beginner Mat 1
Cara Reeser
Class 3820

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Thank you my teacher! I feel so good in my body and mind and spirit now. This is the place for so many of my clients and friends to find a home practice. Super valuable for me today. Love to you, you generous awesome woman!🥰
Thanks a lot! Greetings from Italy :)
Thank you! I have been away from practice for a couple of years....lots of reasons, but have supported PA since the beginning. Decided to start over, excellent class.  Looking forward to progressing to my previous abilities and using my reformer again!
PS, I am 72 so it is never to late to start or restart!
Cara Reeser my arms hurt when i did feldenkrais 

Good intro to Pilates. I am curious how I can support my lower back as I have an old injury there and slight scoliosis
LOVED the class! Really like the instructor. I will definitely look for more of her classes
Loved that session and your teaching style. Wonderful 👏👏👏
I only started pilates this week and found the starter series made my body really ache. Finding you today has lifted my spirits and made my body stretch and feel so much better! plus when you say its ok to wobble it makes a beginner feel so much better!
AHHHHHHHH. Thank you Cara!
Really liked this class as very new to Pilates and very stiff.
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