Your Ideal Teacher Self<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Tutorial 3873

Your Ideal Teacher Self
Niedra Gabriel
Tutorial 3873

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Now making reflexion about this new theme about the Ideal Teacher Self l need to say that after remembering the negative expiriences like having Prominent teachers that ignores your potencial or push you down giving you the feelling to broke your selfconfidence ..well it sound very hard but sometimes it is like that or in the opposite way the great positives experiences where you find a teacher that really guides you to continue your way and wake up the light that it is in yourself and this was sometimes with some words like You can do it“ or just a touch in my body that it shows to me that there is more to explore there...these simple things were for me inspire actions.
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Resuming myself ideal teacher is Guide with knowledge and support and grow up the selfconfidence of my student or client.
This is already happening ....already some clients in my studio ..between them Doctors and Manager of high position told me once l wish to have your profession in the way you do...and this is for me the best gift and complement l can receive ever.
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Again, thanks, Niedra. The most valuable part of your lesson was hearing that everyone has moments of self doubt (I always think it's JUST ME!). Overcoming shyness and self doubt is one of my biggest obstacles. Thank you for giving the ANTS and ABRA tools to methodically work though it. 
Niedra Gabriel
Shannon and Lady Luz Thank you for sharing, yes, we often think we are alone in our shadow self but we are a big community going through similar experiences.  recognizing this and learning to cope and refining what is valuable about YOU is essential to your growth. Well done!
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Thank you for this wonderful guidance, Niedra! I've literally just started my teacher training and I think a lot about where it could take me (I have an entirely different career right now, though I do aleady have the connection to teaching and training!).

Just from the Pilates classes I've taken through the last 6 years or so, there was so much to draw from! But I also realized that I saw people as "teachers" who are not that role to me at all, but somehow did something that brought out the best in me.

My best experience with teachers were those were I wasn't made to feel I needed to be "fixed" or worse, shamed just for the way I am or the way my body works! It was eye-opening when later, I had teachers who saw possibilities instead of limitations, and I am so grateful for my current teacher/mentor who gently pushes me to be all I can be
Niedra Gabriel
Julia R , Wonderful clarity here, and of course you can consciously start becoming that sort of teacher  yourself.
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That was such a powerful message about self belief. I am very new to teaching Reformer and had just got home from teaching Reformer classes , had such difficult clients this evening who really made me feel quite low. Having watched this video I realised that it wasn’t me that they didn’t like , it could have been something going on in there personal lives. Thank you for being you !!!! Adrian 🤗
Christina J
After watching the first video, today while teaching I felt motivated and energized thinking of my belief and love for Pilates and why I wanted to become a teacher.  After finishing the second video, I discovered who I don’t want to be and who I do want to be. The teachers that I did not like were cold and made me feel like just another body taking space because maybe I wasn’t doing well and therefore just didn’t matter. On the flip side, the teachers that inspired me treated each person as they were important, were warm, had a sense of humor, gave people confidence and showed people HOW to do a movement or exercise.  I usually step away from looking within myself in a manner such as this (possibly due to ANTS) but already after 2 videos I see this is going to have a profound impact on my life and my teaching.  Thank you!
Christina  ;
Niedra Gabriel
Christina , Adrian thank you for your posts . your insights are so valuable for your own well being and clarity on how you want to be as a teacher !  
Lina S
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Thank you. I like the idea of getting a blueprint. Take the best of the persons who changed my life, develop the qualities I appreciate so much and avoid the traits, the defaults I dislike in others.
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