Me and My Reformer<br>Karen Sanzo<br>Class 3896

Me and My Reformer
Karen Sanzo
Class 3896

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Thank you, loved playing with the heavy springs at the beginning!
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Hi Karen,  Great class!  I always find my connections when I’m working with you. I’m sad there’s no notes with this class! Thank you so much! 
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Connie ~ We will also add this class to our list of videos to add notes to next!
Else G
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LOVE this instructor, her cueing, her body positioning, her unique exercises with unique flare.  Great class to watch.
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Excellent class and cues.  actually did not hate short box......(I always hate short box)  Thsnks  
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Connie ~ We've added notes to this class. I hope they help!
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Great class, Excellent cueing and challenging.
Gorgeous cues, gorgeous form, gorgeous woman!! Thank you!!! 
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Wow!! Great class!! I really liked the way you broke things down and explained. Thanks!!
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Great class. Love your teaching style. 
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