Me and My Reformer<br>Karen Sanzo<br>Class 3896

Me and My Reformer
Karen Sanzo
Class 3896

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Love love love your teaching! Thank you for this class.
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Always love your classes. You are the epitome of a great teacher! Thank you.
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Great job!!! Really enjoyed for adding challenges to my essential Reformer classes!
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Thanks , just what I needed this morning
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Thanks Karen, I love how you explain each exercise! Makes it all come together with such ease. Love your classes!
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I SO look forward to Karen's classes. She is such a great teacher. Love her cueing and her ability to clarify movement to body connection. Keep them coming!!! ??
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Such an awesome teacher. Wish I was actually in the class. Sending you good vibes :) Adrian
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Wow- this was such a challenging class for me! Switching it up in all the right places. Thank you!
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Wow what a great class. As you say, fundamental does not mean easy!! I have just introduced group reformer classes at my studio so most of my clients are reformer newbies. Karen I was so delighted when I discovered this video. You really are a fantastic teacher. So many really helpful cues, tips, alignment instructions etc, all of which are going to help make me a better teacher. I'm off to search for more of your classes, thank you so much!
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Amazing cues and connections. Thank you Karen!
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