Healthy Neck and Spine<br>Tom McCook<br>Tutorial 3962

Healthy Neck and Spine
Tom McCook
Tutorial 3962

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Thank you Tom, that was a great little sequence for the neck!  This is certainly one of the areas my clients are always asking for help with.  I'm going to incorporate this into my mat class this evening.  :~)
Dear Alex and Lorily,
Thanks for the love! I appreciate your feedback and wish you the most benefit from the tutorials and classes!
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I am very interested in this topic,  however I wish that the camera had shown a closer view of Tom during the demonstrations. I did not see clearly what was happening. 
That was fabulous,  thank you so much Tom I really enjoy your style of teaching. Happy Holidays!
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Thank you! More stuff like that on Pilates Anytime!  I am a pilates and a Feldenkrais teacher and I appreciate when you integrate somatic approaches in your classes or tutorials. 
Thank you so much Tom; I really need neck and shoulder exercise and I believe this tutorial will help to decrease the tension on my neck and shoulders...Please do more classes like this...
Thanks for this great short session.  So many people need this!
Thank you Copycat, Nicola, Julie, Cigdem and Jackie, Thank you all for your feedback and appreciation! Keep practicing to tap into the amazing intelligence of the our bodies! 
My neck and thoracic spine loved this tutorial!
Tom, thanks a lot  for your classes and tutorials!

I get new inspiration every time from the way how you explain  and teach. I like  the tone and peace in your voice  very much.

 Greeting from Russia!
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