Weighted Workout<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 4171

Weighted Workout
Amy Havens
Class 4171

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Hi Maria P , so glad you liked this class!  I love using weights in Mat classes and hope to be back soon to do more!
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Another great full body work out by beautiful Amy Havens! This is the 2nd time I do it as it is a full body mat -Simulation of the reformer moves and great flow. She gives excellent instructions in a very relaxed , almost "girl- next-door" ( or shall I say "the-very-fit-lady-next-door"?!?lol style! Question for Amy- I did not have 1 lb weights so I used 2 lbs round balls instead- think it works as well). Thank you Amy!
Ha, thank you so much Maria P !!!  Of course, feel free (always) to make changes, add or take away weights, make it work for YOU!  Happy you were in class with me!
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I have done this class a few times and feel great every time. Thank you Amy.
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I haven’t been on a reformer since CenterPoint (and realizing that seems crazy) but this class totally made me feel like I was on one again and back in your classes! As always your sequencing and warm up is brilliant. I think this teaser was the strongest and most aligned I’ve felt in a while. I’m itching to get back on some equipment. Thank you, Amy!! 

P.s I noticed your word choice before you mentioned it and I loved it! And I ended up enjoying teaser lol. Miss you! 
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Loved this one!! Excellent arm class - went by so quickly.
Claudia H -- so sorry I missed this comment or else I would've responded sooner.  Thank you so much for taking the time to leave your thoughtful comment and feedback.  Hope all is going well for you!!  Marissa thank you -- I really like it when someone says "it went by so fast" !!!  :)
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