Bone Building<br>Sherri Betz<br>Class 4200

Bone Building
Sherri Betz
Class 4200

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Eldra Avery
Thank you so much! You are a superb teacher!
Thank you! That was excellent and lots of helpful teaching tools! 
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Thank you. I got so much helpful information from your class. I am a little confused though about whether to mobilize or strengthen first. Towards the end of the class, you mobilized the upper back on the ball and then followed it with strengthening work on the pillow using weights. Can you clarify for me. Thanks again, Diane
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Thank you always such great info on these specifics topics. “I want to be you” 😀
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Thank you, Sherri! This class was much harder than I expected and it made me want to do it again. I am recovering after having lots of chemo and possible brittle bones due to all the steroids that I took while on chemo. The supportive props are great and I can tell where I need to build my strength and balance. You are a great teacher and I look forward to practicing these moves to see how strong I can get.  
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LOVED that.  Thank you
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Loved your class, Sherri! Really makes me motivated to get stronger.  Love everything you say! Some really good goals to get stronger as we get older!
I’ve taken hundreds of classes on pilates anytime I’m 36 and a teacher and this is a difficult class for me- also this is such smart moving - I love love love it - also the meditation at the end is lovely - I love the back extension work- 
I do have a question- what about when people feel pain in lower back with extension how would you cue or change or modify - also what about if someone’s alignment is off like I have an older gentleman client with hip pain and his right leg chronically turns out- would I just do my best to put him in the lunge position and only do the movement as much as he can keep good form- ( like what do you do when peoples toes point all different unnatural ways - don’t you have to start there before you get them squatting lunging etc.) thanks!! 
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I am glad to find a mat class that also has some standing leg work. Sherri had so many good tips, I think I should take some notes. I will definitely take this class again & her other classes. My balance was not as good as I would have liked. My shoulders bother me if i do side plank on my forearm, so I did the series in straight arm side plank.  Not sure if that's cheating the exercise or not.  Class flew by. I was actually disappointed when it ended. Thanks Sherri .. you are amazing:) 
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Thank you Sherri (and the PA Team). This was a brilliant series of live workshops and now great to have the recordings to refer back to. You have offered so many ideas for personal practice but also a wealth of information and interesting movements to share with clients so that they can feel safe, proactive, challenged while living with bone density issues. That's positive and powerful. Wishing you good health and peace from the UK. 
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