Fun with Yoga Blocks<br>Mariska Breland<br>Class 4203

Fun with Yoga Blocks
Mariska Breland
Class 4203

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Elyse D
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Great class!  Thank you so much.
Dear Mariska, YOU ROCK💐 How clever and seeing you in this video and knowing you a bit, I applaud you. Thank you for the imaginations and your courage 💚🦋 Kathy Demac PS I love The Neuro Studio🌷
Really enjoyed this,  loved the snake, I will feel that tomorrow I am sure ,your classes go really fast and I felt super calm and relaxed at the end. I often come away thinking to myself that your such a nice person  (sorry that's totally irrelevant to the class) but  nothing wrong with a kind compliment I suppose
Kelly - thank you! That’s so sweet, and it’s always welcome to get a compliment. I would say - I have my moments. 😘
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I loved this class - so innovative, and easy to have a block to hand with clients - your sense of humour tickles me as you're so practical, honest and down to earth about your abilities - refreshing to watch and love your classes.  Thank you so much!
Jos glad you liked it! And yes - such an easy prop! I have my home privates get gliders, a circle, yoga blocks, and bands. So many possibilities. 
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Hi,I'm an old fitgirl with the wonks and arthritis to prove it. A rainy day today and joints on fire...this was a great class- got some strength, lots of mobility and the spinal traction moves at the end completely soothed the hip burning I was having. Very healing class!
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Thank you, Mariska. Loved this class though it definitely challenged both my wrists after fractures so I needed to adjust and use the Makarlus or sit out. I know it is not quite the same but I am working towards loading them.
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So creative! I also appreciate that you do exercises that aren't easy for you and demonstrate to us that Pilates really IS a practice -
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Great ideas, thank you!
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