Stand Strong<br>Viktor Uygan<br>Class 4365

Stand Strong
Viktor Uygan
Class 4365

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Lots of stretching, rotation, and balancing. Many of exercises are not standard, so one has to pay attention to the cues. I added 5 lb leg weights which I normally do in any slower paced class. That works for me. I had fun and feel much better. Thanks Again Viktor:) 
Viktor Uygan
Gary M Happy to see you are trying my classes and enjoying them. Thank you for your detailed explanation of experience and Thank you as always for moving with me 🙏🏻
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This was good ... challenging for the balance ... 😉👍🇩🇰
Tess S
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thanks victor. loved the deep lunge with rotations, side series with lateral flexion and rotation, and also the T balance series. so refreshing to see your classes with innovative and effective exercises!
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Victor, thank you again! Another great class! I am following the order and the build up from class to class is fantastic! I am happy they are recorded, because I couldn’t do them all live! So, just the last one is missing for me...looking forward to doing that one on Monday! A big smile to you again! 😊
Taghrid K
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Thank you Viktor, I too am so happy that they're recorded as I was able to do only two live. I still have to do the third. I love them and find the standing balance ones quite challenging. I'll repeat the whole sequence in order to strengthen. Really a joy to do your classes. 
Lina S
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Challenging and fun. I like the way the exercices work the different muscular slings and the coordination they require!
Thank you again i love this series! challenging fun and relax ^_^
Andra T
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After one week with your series I feel healed in so many ways, one more to go, I am looking forward to defy gravity :D thanks Viktor!
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Awesome session 👏Such an inspiration. Thank you 🙏
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