Beginner Series #7<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 438

Beginner Series #7
Niedra Gabriel
Class 438

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I can't find classes 8,9 and10 out of the 10 class beginner series with Niedra. Are they posted on the website yet. Thanks
Hi Lena, No 8, 9 and 10 are not up yet. Niedra just finished this series. The next one (class 8) will be up in a few days.
Thanks for your interest.
Great class..Thank you Niedra! Can't wait for the next ones..and I hope you are doing an intermediate series afterwards!!
Best class so far in the series!
Great class!!! I had to turn up my volume all the way, and it was still a bit quiet - more so than the other classes. If you could make the base volume a little louder that would be great!
Wonderful class! Great pace! I do have a question though: when I pull my stomach up, I feel as if I'm having to hold my breath. Is this typical? Also, my hamstrings are extremely tight. Should I just raise my leg as high as I can as I keep my knee straight? I can not lift it straight up. Just want to have correct form. Thank you so much! Niedra is wonderful.
I love this series and I love Pilates Anytime! I have been getting back into Pilates and am so appreciative of Niedra 's series. I can't wait to get to know the other teachers!
Unfortunately ZI can't get thsi class to play beyond 21 minutes, I will try again later.
Nancy ~ The video seems to be playing fine here. The two solutions that usually work are to refresh the page or restart your computer. If the problem persists you may also want to try watching it on Low. I hope that helps and that it works the next time you try to watch it!
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Fabulous! Thank you Niedra for your mindful cues. So helpful! I am constantly making adjustments within the exercises and learning more and more each time through your guidance. I love how the series is coming together, with great precision and flow, and I look forward to the next class!
Niedra Gabriel
Hi Rena, so glad you are enjoying the class series. I wanted it to really service new students so very glad you are benfitting from the layering of information.
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