Beginner Series #7
Niedra Gabriel
Class 438

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I still love this class!
Hi Maureen, so happy you like it. I just clicked on your link and see that you live in Oxnard - you should come take a MOnday night LIVE class in Carpinteria - it is the same people you have in the video class, and we work together every Monday night at 6:30. But no matter whether this is possible or not, keep your practice up.
Great comprehensive beginner class. I like the slightly faster pace. Big problem with the audio. sounds like the mike was attached to the window magnifying the traffic and train noise with Niedra like an echo in the background.
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really love your teaching style, so clear and instructive
Dear Niedra,
You have been a wonderful help to me the last few weeks as I've worked through the 1st 7 videos in your beginner series. I'm noitcibly stronger an can even see some definition in my belly. Thanks for continuing to teach and challenge me! I look forward to completing your series!
Liz, your comment makes me so happy - it is wonderful to know that this little series is helping you so much. When I started working for Pilates anytime I had no real belief that video classes could make a difference - and I have found myself very very wrong, in my estimates . On line education is amazing and can reach so many people such as yourself and help so much. Very very happy to hear from you - enjoy the rest of the program.
Best class yet, loving your teaching from the UK
Hi Jill, how lovely to know you are enjoying this from the UK.
I will actually be in the UK from September 11 till 23 to teach some workshops in ascot and in Old Amersham and Worthing.
I go to the UK once a year to teach.
If you wanted to know about the live workshops feel free to send me an email and I will put you on my mailing list.
Enjoy the series.
Hi Niedra. It's a great class, and you are such a fabulous teacher, and as you said in the video, I don't think I can be called a beginner anymore (although I know I still am).
I think we are all beginners at some level and the more we learn the more we want to learn - so beginner mind is the essence for excellence. I love this quote "health is not a destination, but a journey."
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