Strengthening Wunda Chair<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 4445

Strengthening Wunda Chair
Amy Havens
Class 4445

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Thank you Amy for some fun variations!!! SO SO helpful xoxo
Talia A Christine S Donna M Lu C Lori LAALE  Thank you all so much and happy to hear you're getting some good things from this series!!
Celeste E Erin W Carla R Elizabeth D Thank you all for being here and happy to hear you're enjoying this series and seeing how I look at similar elements, progressing and clarifying the details.
Jacquie W
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I love your teaching, Amy! I also really look forward to any more classes you do with the chair in the future. 
Thank you so much Jacquie W !!
lovely class thank you!
Thanks Amy, I have watched these classes many times.  Such nice progressions.  Feels wonderful in the body in a nice 30 min class!
Thank you Colleen Tomlinson and Jackie H  -- I'm happy to hear that you enjoy the progressions in these short classes.  They are only some ideas in terms of progressions!  
Love the class, the cues and the progressions.
Thank you so much Noelle Iturbe !
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