Get Your Joe On
Amy Taylor Alpers
Class 4489

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I often marvel how few instructors talk about Joe. Fortunately Amy is an instructor who does. I understand that Contrology has branched out in many interesting ways since Joe taught, but I still love to hear about him.. what he thought, why he did what he did, how he arrived at his exercises, personal anecdotes, etc.  So in addition to a great class, I got to hear more about the man who started it all. I had fun, learned things, & feel much better.  Thanks Again Amy and Sue:) 
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If you like classes that talk about Joe and you want another fun class.  Try Class 1806 with Ton & Michael. It's a standing workout that focuses on exercises taken from archival video's of Joe's Workouts.  It is nothing like Amy's Class, but it is a great class too. If anyone runs across any other mat classes that focus on Joe, feel free to drop me a message. Big thanks to Pilates Anytime for so many class choices.  
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Loved the focus on upper body strength as related to Joe. Amy is such an incredible teacher- we are beyond fortunate to have her sharing her knowledge and teaching style so generously. THANK YOU Amy, well done Sue and once again to PA for bringing us this quality work!
Amazing how the exercises felt so different with the shift in focus! Helped get more control!
Jumping in on everyone's comments here I'll add, Amy Taylor Alpers can change your life in an hour of her teaching. I know this from experience and also feel beyond fortunate to have her sharing her knowledge with us. 
Why is Sue wearing a mask but Amy is not? Obviously public health advice is not followed. They are obviously not from the same household so this is not a safe interaction. Please remove this video.
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Amy you are brilliant😊! I have done this class twice and and feel so much stronger. I was able to move without going into my lower back and neck which have become my default places. I connected with every word/detail and it was magical. Thank you
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Ps. Please Do Not Remove this video. It is so important to have classes with this deep and detailed level of instruction. We are so fortune to have instructors like Amy and her sister Raquel on this platform.
Why on earth the mask? 🥲
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Eleni D and Ilja ~ Thank you for your comments. Amy has been vaccinated but we asked Sue to continue to wear the mask as a safety protocol for COVID. While they are not in the same household, they have had contact regularly and feel safe with each other. We understand that this can be a sensitive topic but we felt that this was the best way for them to stay safe and also for you to be able to hear and understand what Amy is saying throughout the class.
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