Layering Movements<br>Delia Buckmaster<br>Class 4555

Layering Movements
Delia Buckmaster
Class 4555

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Ingrid J
Great class and lots of little “gems” of cueing! Loved it, and love algebra too! 
I like that saw variation. Regular saw can be a struggle for most starting
I think some exercises which were not being able to do  for me would be easier with your cueing; thank you for this amazing class...
Wonderful class! Thanks Delia!
WhooHoo!  Thanks for an awesome series of classes, Delia!
Thank you for this fab workflow. I specially liked how you approached the saw and will certainly use it in my class too.
This is my second morning in a row with Delia and this series. I feel so ready to start my day! I love Delia's cueing so much that I wish she could follow me around and tell me how to do everything ;)
Thanks! This was a lot of fun.  It was hard for me to anchor my toes on the bottom leg into the mat during side kick so I just did it in parallel and it was still effective.  Thanks again for a great class!
Carina H
I really enjoyed this class. Not just the movement but all the little gems along the way. Thank you :)
Thank you for another great class! I loved the cues and layering!
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