Reformer Jump 1<br>Sarah Bertucelli<br>Class 4574

Reformer Jump 1
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 4574

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Robin S
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There is never enough jumpboard on this site. Thank you for creating a dynamic diverse class. Really enjoyed it as always. Im sweating ~ lose~ open ~limber and ready to set the day on fire! Thank you Sarah
Caroline Close
Wonderful class! So grateful for the replay as it was 1am here when the class went live! Fab start to my day- loved the side jumping variations and stretches on the box at the end. Thanks Sarah : )
Clemencia Puerta
Sarah!!... I love your jumpling classes!... this repertoire is fantastic,,,, thanks so much for your spectacular sessions!.. I enjoy them a lot and also learn so much to apply to my Studio!
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Awesome class! ¬†Adding this one to my favorites list ūüėÄ
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Very nice class! 
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Love this class! Working the muscles and then and delicious stretches.  
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Hi Sarah, 
I hope this note finds you fantastic! 
You are such a gifted teacher, always structuring your classes with heart... amazing flow, and awesome cues. 
I especially enjoyed moving some stagnant energy around this morning with the fun jumping sequences, and appreciated the strength and yummy stretch work as well. 
Thank you so much, Sarah! I will return to this one again and again! Take care!
Hi Robin S,  You are welcome. Thank you for your feedback.  It was my hope to create a powerful yet grounding class.  String and flexible.  I am so pleased you enjoyed the class.  Jump 2 will be filminess tomorrow and will hopefully deliver the same type of feel. Take care! 
Hi Caroline Close,  Jumping at 1:00am could be interesting!!  LOL.   Thank you so much.  Glad you enjoyed. the side lying.  Jump 2 will be filmed tomorrow with more stretchy power and side lying/side body work.  "See" you soon!
Thank you Clemencia Puerta!  While a full hour workout is nice at times, it is pretty amazing what we can accomplish in 45 minutes!!  I am so pleased these classes are useful for you and  that you are able to pass what you learn on to your clients. Pilates Anytime is just wonderful and I am so very grateful to be a part of the team. Big hug! and take care!! 
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