Sweaty Cardio Flow<br>Delia Buckmaster<br>Class 4601

Sweaty Cardio Flow
Delia Buckmaster
Class 4601

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I enjoyed and I sweated. Thank you so much!
Class lived up to its name - thanks Delia! Great workout and a jumpstart to the week!
Saphira B
Wonderful class! I feel stretched and strong all over. Thank you.
Lisa D
LOVED IT,  really enjoyed the cardio combo, heart rate was up the whole time. Constantly challenged and the flow was there too. Awesome cueing, Thanks a million, Im your newest and biggest fan!
I am so sweaty and feeling great.
great pace and nice and intense!
Amazing, Delia! Thank you so much! X
Kim W
The first time I attempted this class, I couldn't get through it. But after starting this series, and building my strength and endurance, I was able to make it all the way through ... with breaks! HAHAHA!
Still have lots to work on and explore. Looking forward to the next class!
What a treat to come back to this class after rehabbing a shoulder injury. While back support is never my favorite, getting to do it with you meant everything!
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