Theraband Joint Stability
Meredith Rogers
Class 467

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Perfect...just enough band. Love the rotations. Esp loved the variations/progressions on criss cross. Thank you!
Love using the band to do pilates workout.I know I need to work on my posture and felt that some of these exercises using the band would help improve my posture.I would love to have a class on ways you can strengthen your upper back to improve ones posture. Thank you for a great class!
Love your classes Meredith! Always a great balanced workout!!
Awesome class! Simple yet hard work. My body really loved it (my feet are in heaven).
Thanks so much ladies. Glad to be of service!!
Enjoyed the class very much!
A lovely young teacher
OMG. My feet are in heaven. Thank you!
super duper class! smooth transitions that still focus lots on technique while saving time and getting us moving.
Thanks for your comments. They are ALWAYS appreciated :)!
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