Theraband Joint Stability
Meredith Rogers
Class 467

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always a joy! Loved it . Thank you Meredith
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once again Meredith, always feel great after your class, loved the additional foot work at the end.
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Thank you for an exhilarating class! One comment though, you need not be offended by yawning. It is a natural and healthy physiological reaction to exercise (i.e. need for more oxygen or sign of relaxation, both of which mean your work-out is working!).
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Your an awesome teacher Meredith! Love your classes!
Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!
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Excelent!! It was very good!
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Nice, enjoyed the teaser and it was a great stretch 50 mins.
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Great class! Goes to my favorite list :) The description did not mention that you'd use a small ball, though, so I found myself improvising at the end since I had none, haha. Meredith, you're quickly becoming one of my favorite teachers!
Thanks Zambia.
I appreciate a person who can improvise!
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