Traditional Mat Flow<br>Alisa Wyatt<br>Class 479

Traditional Mat Flow
Alisa Wyatt
Class 479

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Speechless! :)
Great pace, just enough challenge! Thanks!
A lot of great stuff packed into 30 minutes. Thank you.
I first saw Alyssa on u tube w like 10 min , and when I was done I felt great , I love her she doesn't make it to long and boring like a lot of instructors , she makes it short , but long enough to get the job done. And I've noticed my legs look longer and toned ! Absolutely love her:)
Love the boomerang! Thank you.
I enjoy hearing hear timeline approach to particular moves, especially on apparatus. She is very humble in her approach, which helps pace us OCD over achievers : )
that was PERFECT this morning! thank you.
nice class
Loved the pace, variety, and how much was packed into 30 min.! I'll do this one again. :)
A fantastic and classical mat workout with some unique additions to make it fun! Thank you...just what I needed to spice up my own workouts and I plan to borrow a few ideas for my own mat classes. Beautiful!
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