Deep Stretching Flow<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 4807

Deep Stretching Flow
Amy Havens
Class 4807

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WOW! Amy Havens you never disappoint. I loved this class! That first Lat stretch!!!Holy Heaven! Thank you for continuely sharing such great content.  
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I liked all the stretches, specially the first one and the one for the triceps, I was so tight I got a little sore. This was great thank you Amy!
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This was just what I needed post stair climber workout! I’m guilty of not stretching so this was perfect!  Thank you so much! 
Pam K
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Thank you so much - this felt wonderful!
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Amy, this was wonderful. So happy and grateful you thought to film this for us. Amazing 30-minute stretch where you don't  hate every second. Thank you! 
Can’t wait to try this! With your compassion for the actively aging population, is there a chance you will be doing a reformer stretching class for active agers? I have some clients with osteoporosis /arthritis who really love to stretch.😊
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Lovely! Thank you!!
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After working an entire day on my feet and climbing up and down stairs constantly, this was just what the mind/body needed to feel balanced and whole again. Thank you, Amy. Definitely one to return to again and again to come home in my body.
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Awesome Amy!  I did one of your chair classes yesterday and your most recent sculpting jumpboard today, followed by this class and it was JUST what I needed.  Couldn’t even get my heel flat down at first in the well  while other leg was in the strap and  as I progressed it went straight down.  Some really wonderful stretching!  Another one in my Amy playlist.  Thanks, as always, for all of your classes.
Michael Mary S
Amy, love this stretch class.  It is so creative and yummy.  Thank you.  Keep them coming.
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