Deep Stretching Flow<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 4807

Deep Stretching Flow
Amy Havens
Class 4807

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Carla R
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Thank you Amy! That was lovely and eye opening to imbalances in the body that deserve to be noticed
Wendy B
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Thank you Amy! 3 days of powder skiing and my body sooo needed this! So good :)
Katie M
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This was amazing.  My stiff runner's legs (and body) thank you for this class!
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Amy this was delicious! I will be back again and again!!
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Loved the very 1st stretch seated wonderful class.
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A MAZ ING!!!  Such a great flow and stretches. I’ll be doing this again .. and again.. and again. 💞 
Angela S
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This was amazing and felt so heavenly for the body!. Loved it! Thank you Amy xoxo
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Thanks for this amazing stretchy class . . . loved it and I will be sharing with my clients!
Beverly L Lori M Pam K Connie M Jennifer A Deanna D Thank you all so much!!  So glad you found this class enjoyable and useful!!Christine H 
Katie M Wendy B Carla R Michael Mary S Lori Rena W Thank you all so much!! So glad you found this class enjoyable and useful!!
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