Movement Exploration<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 4809

Movement Exploration
Amy Havens
Class 4809

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Thank you for the dance, Amy! I waited for Pilates, and it came....
Simply wonderful, impeccable cueing in an inviting and nourishing way. Loved the fluidity and the blending of one movement leading into another, a smooth dance of the mind, body and soul! Loved the subtle sprinkling of the stronger moves! Bravo!!
Christine S
Thank you Amy for drawing me in gently to more complex movements that I often avoid. The sprinkle method provided an opportunity to ease into this strengthening work without fear and definitely worked for me :)
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Always enjoy your classes Amy ... this one I LOVED with the music playing in the background!  Can you do that more please? :)
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Jennifer H Christine S Catherine M Dorit T  Thank you so much everyone!  You all really do "get me" and know that the Pilates is always there, mixed in/sprinkled in with some other goodies too.  Movement --- that's the key, yes?!!  Happy you all enjoyed this movement exploration!  Thanks for taking class with me.
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That was divine! Thank you Amy
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This was absolutely everything my body didn't even know it wanted and needed!!! LOVED IT!!! 
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WOW-My body feels so good after doing this class I hesitate to move out of this wonderful relaxed state!! Loved it too! Thanks oAmy
Thank you so much Fiona S E. Melisa G Karen M  Thank you for taking class and moving with me!

Carol D
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Ooh la la. That’s a beautiful routine. Even got some earthquake shakes in my legs toward the end. Thank you!
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