Movement Exploration<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 4809

Movement Exploration
Amy Havens
Class 4809

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I really enjoyed this! Love the "don't lock your knees" reminders...much needed at times. ;)  Thank you.
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Thank you Melanie H and Carol D !  Glad you both enjoyed this session!
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Amy this was so great, thank you! Please continue with these calm and meditative classes, they are so needed right now! 
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Amy, thank you for the gift today.  Such a beautiful class.   I agree, keep the calm and meditative classes coming please, they are so needed.  
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Sooooooo Delicious!
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Thank you so much Amy! What a delicious class indeed… Thank you, Amy, for your expertise, thank you for creating this moment of calm and peace🙏
Thank you so much katrwall Joan B Casey L Olga R   Your comments of appreciation are deeply appreciated.  Thank you for being here!
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Thank you very much, i love this flow, it was amaising!
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Thanks Amy, I really enjoyed it. Loved the semi-circle slow movement. Deep connections and deep burning! 
Thank you so much Christina B and Gabrielle B !  I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment for me!
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