Unburdening the Shoulder<br>Carla Mullins<br>Tutorial 4872

Unburdening the Shoulder
Carla Mullins
Tutorial 4872

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I just did the class for myself (suffering from a frozen shoulder that has finally started to get better so I can play tennis again) and I really appreciate these new exercises for me. And the advice not to go so far that you go backwards. And helpful to know that increased mobility also  needs strength. Very, very interesting glute exercises too and I'll try these with the chair. Finally, the link to autoimmune disease in terms of the delay in firing was eye opening and I'll now try your immune system training. Thank you for sharing these!
Carla is phenomenal! By far one of the most influential and important mentors/teachers I have ever experienced. Her work, research and sense of humor are incredible. Looking forward to the day I get to learn from you in person again 🙏🏼💜
Carla Mullins
Erin Wilson thank you, coming from someone of your outstanding calibre I am humbled.  I too look forward to the day that we can travel with ease. I must say I have learned a lot in the last few years and the pandemic has probably all made us rethink and redo.  Fingers crossed for 2023
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Thank you for this valuable class!
BRAVO! I feel my shoulders free and without any tension! Thank you for this lovely tutorial!
Carla Mullins
Carla Mullins
Gisela G
Thank you very much for this class. These exercises, along with the explanations are extremely useful. And the class is very nicely presented, too!
Carla Mullins
Gisela G Thank you. The class was filmed in my Australian studio, because we could not travel to USA.  I am glad you liked how my studio looked.  There will be some nice progressions of this class in the Wunda Wobble class released later this month.  Hopefully, you will be able to explore the layers of concepts further. Please feel free to share any of your insights and ideas from this class, as I love to see how people can explore ideas further.      
This class is so helpful. I did it few times last week and my shoulder girdle now feels different - with more range of motion than before.  Thank you very much!
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