Lower Body Reformer<br>Carrie Pages<br>Class 4918

Lower Body Reformer
Carrie Pages
Class 4918

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Jennifer E
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Awesome class! And I love Carrie's shoes! 
Jen U
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Beautiful work!  Love your cues, Carrie!
Annie R
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Love Love Loved this - will be on repeat.   Challenging but fun!
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So fun!! Challenging but doable with Carrie's excellent cues! 
Danielle A
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Loved this soo much and surprised myself with keeping up! the cueing was soo on point !
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Love this challenging awesome class, the technique and cueing, thanks Carrie!
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Thanks Carrie, I’m definitely cooked
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Carrie, your cues are so thoughtful and spot on! I love how playful your classes are. Thank you so much for this one!! And adding on to what someone said above: I also love your shoes!
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Arabesque 1 is in flat position or flexed?
Hi Monica R !  Arabesque I is done with the foot on the carriage flat and parallel.  The leg in the air I usually teach softly pointed, but it could be flexed!   
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