Lower Body Reformer<br>Carrie Pages<br>Class 4918

Lower Body Reformer
Carrie Pages
Class 4918

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Kimm H
You should mention it helps if you can do the splits. Not a good class for me.
Good challenge for me. Played with springs on my particular equipment and had to make a few mods, but felt strong afterwards. A class to repeat for sure. Thank you. 
Hi Monica! Thanks for the class. I'm an instructor and I have not done abductor work in a while for myself. I did the class yesterday...find it hard to walk today hahahah Even during the night I woke up finding my inner thighs burning. Thanks for the fire! 
This was my first class with Carris. So glad I tried this! I appreciated all the dance moves and using my platform extender. The cues were excellent and I really find it helpful that Carrie has a model while she talks. This is a very well done video, work out and is just the right challenge for me. I will be trying more in this playlist soon. Thank you Carrie
Carrie thanks for sharing these challenging exercises
Donnalee H
that was just wonderful.. 
Diane Duvall
My Centerline Reformer did not come with a standing platform and I need one that is just like yours!  Any ideas?  Can't find one in the typical places.  Thanks for any advice.
Lydia P
Thank you so much Carrie. I've done this class multiple times and the more I do it, the more I love it ❤️ 
Jessica H
Amazing cues. So thorough. Thank you so much!!!
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