Yawn Your Hips Open<br>Claire Sparrow<br>Class 5038

Yawn Your Hips Open
Claire Sparrow
Class 5038

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Cynthia G
Really enjoyed the repeat session of this class.  As a senior I enjoy the work that doesnt involve lifting my head from the floor.  For the last standing lunge rotation i felt happier taking my arm lower as I then didnt pinch or arch my lumbar spine.  Thanks again.  I did find myself holding my breath at times. ;/
Hi Claire, I appreciated your class. I have a question for you,; could you explain why you keep one leg towards the other leg when you do standing lunge exercises instead of keeping it straight forward? Thank you, best regards
It's Christmas Eve. Wanted to spend a little time to unwind before celebrations begin. What  a fabulous class that was! I feel loose, open, and ready to take on the world. Thank you!
Hi Claire I love your classes especially as I am dealing with some loss of ROM in 1 x hip. Can you tell me the reason behind the foot and knee facing inward in the kneeling and standing lunge ? Is this advisable for someone with some hip deterioration ? Thanks, Diane
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Thank you for the good sequence and nice presentation Claire!
Wendy R
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The supine hip yawn is heaven ✨
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I LOVE your classes Claire. I am a teacher in Norfolk and wished you taught here. Thank you for being so generous, descriptive and wonderful. You are an inspiration. A Pilates Angel for sure. Boo
Mona H
Beautiful! These small movements feel so gorgeous. 

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